Latest Fishing Report by Eathan Martin

Got into some quality fish recently at Glenbawn. The bass have been really aggressive attacking reaction lures on drop offs and heavily timbered edges. The bass have been hitting lures so hard that I have had trebles bent out of shape and straightened out due to the shear force of the blow that these healthy reaction fish deliver. Lures of choice have been Damiki Touch Football Jigs rigged with Keitech crazy flappers as the trailers, ecogear power shads rigged with 7 gram Bassman jigheads/ Bassman beetle spins and Bassman swim jigs rigged with any type of creature bait as the trailer. Surface has also been a fun way to catch them lately, the new Jackall Elastmer insect baits have proved to be a success twitched gentle in the backs of bays and flooded grass banks. I have found the Jackall tn60 to be my go to lure though, whenever the fishing has been getting tough throwing the Tn60 is has made sure that I get back into the fish, boosting my confidence to try other techniques