2016 November Fishing Report

November long weekend to January 31st the action is red hot. The fish are usually in top condition -solid and very aggressive.The Locals call it 20/20 time as most Anglers will be using 20lb braid and 20lb leader and you will still hear regular tales of Anglers getting busted off.

Lures of choice are 1/2oz or 5/8th Bassman Spinnerbaits, both Silent and Rattling Jackall TN60’s. When the sun is at it’s strongest go on the look out for banks or coves that offer a little shade. Sometimes a bank with as little as a foot of shdow on it will be the difference between catching some and catching none.If the bite gets a little tentative through the day a quick change to plastics such as Ecogear Grass Minnows, Sliders, Keitechs rigged on a 1/4oz or 3/8oz jig head rolled slow to medium pace will usually get you back onto the bite.

Colours can be varied at this time of year but usually darker colours in the morning or if there is cloud cover and then lighter colours from around 9am. As the sun starts to drop change back to a darker colour once more.

Surface is an excellent technique in the very early morning and as the sun is dropping in the late afternoons.

The best place to hunt for the bass is from the “Boot” to the back of the dam in the 8 knot zones. Try targeting deep rock walls and timber. If you’re chasing Yellowbelly the still bays at the end of the main basin can throw up good numbers